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It was Twin Day again, so Myra and I went back to Berkeley for good eats at Durant Square, street shopping on Telegraph Avenue, donut buying at King Pin, and mocha bianca sipping at Caffe Strada.

(FYI, Twin Day is pretty much what I call any day I get together with Myra.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know there was another Twin Day back in April.  Click here to check it out.)

Here are some photos from today…

Durant Square

The pattern of these colored squares, which lined the glass walls of this one place, really caught my eye.


My lunch

Chicken Bibimbop at Steve’s Korean BBQ!  I could only eat half of it.  If you know me, you know that this means the bowl must’ve been really big because I can eat!

In case you are wondering, my twin and I ate and drank the same thing all day.  No surprise.


Myra and Her Poor Pinky


People’s Park

I remember giving food to homeless people at People’s Park when I was attending school here.  Now it is closed and gated off.

The mural still looks fantastic, so that was worth a gander.


Cool Patterns and Colors Around Berkeley


On the Steps Near Sather Gate

I like that she’s looking off to the side and how the wind blew just as I was taking this shot!


My Sixth Sense (j/k)

I didn’t know what it was that spilled on the side of the steps — and didn’t want to know (eiew) — but it created an interesting splash of color and broke up the hard lines of the concrete wall and steps.

So when we walked by, I asked Myra to sit there.  I already knew what the photo would look like:  the position she’d be sitting in, the colors, the composition.  I don’t usually ask my subjects to “pose” because they’re mostly children, but hey, Myra’s my friend so she can entertain me, right?!!  <:)

And I have to say, it gives me great contentment to take a photo that looks the same as what I imagined.  This is a big difference than shooting photos only because you’re looking for the right photo moments, which is what I did for many years.

When you can already see what you want your photo to look like, you are one step ahead because you know how to adjust the settings on your camera or how to compose the shot.  There is less experimenting or “lucky shots”.


Happy birthday, My!

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