Better Than Disneyland

Maybe it’s because I frequented Disneyland often when I was a kid, so I just don’t get all the hoopla.  The hefty entrance fee and the endless lines that zig-zag for miles leave that park less than desirable to me.  (Don’t tell my kids, but I’m secretly hoping we’ll never go there!  Shhhh.)

My favorite theme park is Legoland!  I love that place.  My kids love it too.  They both dig Legos, so an entire park made out of Legos is a blast for them.  It is geared towards younger kids, so I’m sure there will be a point in time that I can no longer take them here, but for now, it is a great place to go.

We met up with some friends who have 2 kids around the same age as my monkeys.  Nolan is only 2 weeks apart than Melia and Max is about 2 months younger than Ian.  Pretty cool, eh?

Here are some personal photos to share with y’all…

Hold It… Hold It…


Let Loose!

Jumping and running and laughing and giggling. 


What Is Fun at Legoland?

There are a gazillion things to play with at Legoland, but of course Ian chooses to open (or at least try to open) doors for the staff!

Melia and Nolan enjoyed holding hands, embracing and playing house.  We all thought that was adorable.  But once they are a little older, it will be, “Get your hands off my daughter!”  😉


Building Cars

…and then racing them down a track!  Fun fun.


My Future Son-In-Law 🙂


Wedding Site

Nolan’s parents, George and Soo, think this little mound of grass at Legoland will be where Melia and Nolan have their nuptials years from now.

My goodness, look at them!


I forgot to mention… Nolan and Melia have only met 3 times!  Once when they were babies, another time when they were 2 years old (we went to Legoland then too), and this time.  Each time, they got along famously.

It is actually very sweet to watch them interact together.  There is a sort of playfulness, love and respect that is easy to see.

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