Commercial Photography: Bishop Ranch Vet

Animals and children are a lot alike.  They can be shy, curious, excited and playful!  They all have unique personalities.  They all have a story.  And they all need boundless love, warmth and companionship.

That’s why a pet owner’s veterinary choice is so important.  You choose one whom you trust… one whose primary concern is getting your baby well from an illness or injury and helping them stay healthy.  The staff at Bishop Ranch Veterinary and Urgent Care are all of these things!

In fact, my husband and I brought our little Henry there for many years until he passed away last year.  We received enormous support there, beyond what we expected.  So when Bishop Ranch contacted me about a photoshoot (not knowing I had been there before), I was elated.

It wasn’t my intent, by the way, for this blog post to sound like a client testimonial!  haha.  Raves naturally poured out when I had to think about what to write!

Anyhow, see for yourself.  Below are a few images from last week’s Commercial Photography session.  You can feel the pride in the staff and that there is care and love all around!

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