Dad Day 2009

Take a Workaholic who loves what she does and add a smidget of Crazy.  You get Annie blogging at one o’clock in the morning!

I wanted to share our adventures and silliness from Father’s Day.  And if things don’t make sense or I sound ridiculous, you’ll know why!  It is 1am!

So the entire day was a surprise for L.  (That’s what I call him because, well c’mon, his name has too many syllables!)

It started off with 3 gifts…one he wore that day.  And a card, which was a tribute to him. 

Here is the cover of the card.

I love it because it shows his many sides:  sassy, silly, sexy, serious and sweet.  (It’s my fatigue that made all those words “S” words.  Alliteration isn’t my usual habit!)


Kisses All Around

A big Father’s Day smooch to start off the morning right!


The Pirate Festival

We spent half the day at the Pirate’s Festival in Vallejo.  Most came in costume and also in character!  We’ll have to dress up next year.  It was such a hoot!



Melia ordered ice cream from this woman (“wench”).  I was so embarrassed and couldn’t explain why she had bills stuck…there!  Aiyaiyai.


Shots During The Show of Captain Jack Spareribs

You read correctly:  SpareRIBS, not Sparrow!  The show was hilarious… at least I thought so.  Melia… not so much.


The combination of shapes and colors from the hat, shirt, paper and umbrella really caught my eye.


Sabrina & Mia

We went with another family who had 2 kids about the same age as my monkeys.  Melia looooved playing with Sabrina (who just turned 5).

This is Sabrina who just ate chocolate ice cream as evidenced on her cute little face!


Vendors Galore

There was entertainment, food, and lots and lots of vendors who sold colored things, like colored feathers and colored fox tails!  People WORE the fox tails around their hips or on their hats.

When the salesperson comforted me that the fox tails came from road kill, I almost threw up a little.  Why would one wear roadkill parts?!!


Dads and Daughters

This is Chris & Sabrina and Lawrence & Mia at the end of the festival.  Aren’t they cute?

The girls were too tired to walk back to the car, so I saw this as a photo opp.


My family on Dad’s Day ’09

Lawrence asked if we should have Ian in the photo since he was sleeping.  Uh, really? He is still part of the family, so of course!  🙂

(Photo by Chris Cox.)


Afternoon in San Francisco

We went all over SF and stopped at Zeum for the kids to ride the carousel.

This was Ian’s first ride on a merry-go-round.  He didn’t even hold on because he was too busy pinching a teeny tiny flower petal!


Some Funny Photos From Dad’s Day


This was taken in the car while on the freeway.  Not the best photo, but I HAD to share this with you!  My jaw dropped when I saw it.

No one can deny it is a catchy company name.


I am going to buy one of these with my name on it and put it outside my house.  😉


Happy Father’s Day to my awesome husband and father of my two beautiful children!  Love ya, babe!  🙂

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