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Derek is 7


I was the first to see him after he was born (other than his parents, of course).  I loved holding him when he was a baby and was always thrilled to babysit him.

He is my nephew, and he turned 7 years old today!  WOW.  Seven!

Here are a few photos from his party today…

Derek’s Interview

My sister-in-law Jenny was interviewing him with her camcorder when he was in the jumpy house.  (The fuzzy thing on the right is from her hair/head.)

I love the look on his face in the camcorder’s LCD screen.  And you can really see that Pokemon ring.  It’s pretty funny!


Cake Time!

If you’re gonna get one shot at a birthday party, it is of the birthday person blowing out the candles!

Now hand over a piece of cake please!   =:P


Frosting Only

My kids, like most kids I suppose, prefer to eat the frosting over the cake.  Alas, I cannot do a thing about it.  *sigh*


Hmmmm… and he finds it funny!


Sydney and her Giant Bows

My sweet lil’ niece (Derek’s 3 1/2 year old sister) wore her giant pink bows for me!  Tee hee. 


Happy Birthday, Derek!


And here’s a funny face one of the group…

I like the one where the boy is almost gauging his eye out!  OMG, it’s so funny!


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