Father-Daughter Prom

Last night, I went to the prom.  Well, okay… I was the photographer at a prom.

It was a Father-Daughter Prom for Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore.  The event was held at Super Franks in Pleasanton — a kid-centric entertainment center.  I was blown away by how fancy it looked because it was all decked out.  Everything about it brought me back to my good ol’ prom days… back to nineteen *cough cough*.  (I’m not revealing my age!)

My evening started with, what was suppose to be 45 minutes of formal portraits in the Princess Room.  But instead, there were so many people in line and everyone had several shots (which I enjoyed), but I ended up being in that room from 6pm to about 7:40pm — almost an hour longer than I intended.  The event was scheduled to end at 8pm.  I had almost missed the entire editorial part of my photoshoot!

During the “formal portraits”, I had the father-daughter couples take a serious portrait, then let them have more fun with it, if they wanted.  Some people really let loose!  I loved it!

Here are some of the UNEXPECTED shots I captured yesterday evening…


This pose is so dear.  You can tell this is something special and meaningful that they do together.


When I told them they could do whatever they wanted, the daughter jumped onto her dad!

I could tell they had a tight bond… one that makes me want to tear up when I think about it!  It is the kind of comfort and bond I want to have with both of my kids when they are older.


Those are some silly faces!


Some of my favorite daughter portraits were taken outside the normal Princess castle doors backdrop.

I only got to do this when there wasn’t a line, so there aren’t many that are out of the ordinary like this.  But I love them and wish I could’ve spent more time with everyone.  All the girls were so darling!


One of my favorites.  I love that you only see part of her face and love the way she pulled the sheer curtain to cover up.  I can imagine her doing this on her wedding day many years from now…


What a tender father-daughter moment caught on camera!  I like that the girl just happened to look up too.


The decadent table of strawberries, marshmallows and chocolate fountain.  By the time I made it here, this was all that was left!


The Sports Room was converted into a dance floor.  This room was the most exciting, but also a Photographer’s nightmare to shoot.

There were no lights, except some whirling colored ones and flashing raindrop-sized ones!  I took all of these with no flash, so you can see more colors and motion.

You can almost feel the energy by looking at these photos!


At the end of the event, it was like the strike of midnight on New Year’s Day!  Confetti, music blasting and a DJ revving up the guests!  It was awesome.

(FYI, it was actually dark in here!  My wide angle lens let in lots of light and not turning on my flash preserved the spirited colors of the dance room.)


One of the funniest sights that evening for me was seeing the dads — who were dressed up in suits and some even in tuxedos — ride these small plasma cars!

I love the motion blur and the funky colors in this photo.

The colors and lights make this almost look like the inside of a nightclub, except for the suit on a plasma car.  😉


Here are some of the greatest editorial shots of the dads that evening…

Dads racing each other on plasma cars!

What makes this particular photo hilarious, other than the dads riding the tiny plasma cars, is that you see the little girls behind them happily gliding along.  The contrast is hysterical.


Around the corner and the winner is clear…




The big ticket winners.

This dad and daughter duo were truly elated, so these large smiles were 100% authentic!


If you are a Cornerstone Fellowship member and would like to see more photos from this event, you will need a password to enter the full gallery.  Either I or Frank will email you the password once the gallery is ready for viewing.  Thank you!

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