First and Last Trip in 2010

With the third baby on her (or his) way, we took a short trip to Los Angeles to visit friends and family.  Even though we know it will be easier to travel when the baby is not yet mobile, realistically we know that we will most likely be homebodies during that first year.

Here are a few personal photos to share from our 4-day trip…

Sunday Brunch Preparations

Little Matthew (1 yr old)

Matthew’s dad, Ted, is a good friend of mine.  We’ve known each other since we were 10 years old.  And now we have our own kids.  So weird!

Another Ian

Love his round eyes, itty mouth and cute ears!

He was so smiley!


This super glowy, contrasty light was delicious!

Monkey Has a Gentle Side

I love when my little guy is gentle with his kisses or when he carefully holds a flower.  He is usually an active little monkey — jumping, running, swinging off the lamps (ok, maybe not really the lamps, but that’s only because he can’t reach them!  And trust me, he has tried!)

Sarah with Cake Frosting

Esther’s Famous Giggity Ribs

These ribs were soooo delectable!  The tender and juicy meat literally fell off the bone as I ate it!

I waited a year to eat these ribs because Es has been talking about them since my visit in 2009.  Lemme tell ya… it was worth the wait!


I was there, see?!!  Not a flattering shadow on a hill, but I wanted to capture the contours of my belly.

Also, the camera I’m holding to my face makes it look like I have a square head.  Kinda funny!

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