Growing Up Boo

I call my boy BubbaBooBoo Bear.  He is my favorite boy in the World.  And the World is a very big place, so that is saying a lot!

Boo turned eight, so I had his birthday photoshoot recently.  It was an hour where we got to spend quality time together doing whatever he wanted.  For this year’s birthday shoot, he chose his own outfit and decided to go to a playground to run around, so that’s what we did.

Boo has grown so much over the past year.  Just look at his face from last year’s shoot at a library!  He had missing teeth, no glasses, and rounder cheeks.  He still likes to tell me details about his day at school and appreciates a good joke.  He never turns down an opportunity to have a race or play Monopoly.  He still thinks I’m the coolest person in the World (YESSSS!!!) and is determined to live next door to me when he’s an adult.  🙂  He still holds my doors open and carries my bags when we are out.  He tells me I look good in something, even when I am sure I don’t.

My Boo makes me proud to be his mommy, and these annual photoshoots are more than just capturing photos.  <3




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