It’s Not A Myth

At yesterday afternoon’s lifestyle photography session in the East Bay, I discovered that there are preteen siblings that not only get along, but also show their affection towards one another!  It is not a myth, folks!  😉

Jeff and Kit had so much fun during their shoot — from doing what they’d naturally do, like playing volleyball, to thinking of creative ideas for the next shot — that I had to actually call an end to the shoot because they could’ve lasted well into the night.  How wonderful it is to photograph subjects who never want their shoot to end!

Here are a few of my favorites….

Laughing on the Dock


Racing Scooters


A Celebrity Look-a-Like

Kit looks like a young (and upside-down) Lindsey Lohan.  I am IN LOVE with her freckles and red hair!


A Serious Moment

Well, sort of.  Jeff!


Taking a Walk Down Memory Lane


This was a real moment of reflection where Joan told stories about when Kit and Jeff were little.  Well, littler.

When I got up close to shoot, I could hear some of the stories and my eyes started to well up!  I love this series of images because you can tell on their faces the kinds of stories that are being shared.

I can feel the love every time I look at them.


Pondering Life at the Beach

We went to the beach at the end of the shoot, so they got the light at Golden Hour.


Lost and Scared

Yep, you read that correctly!

Kit and Jeff kept coming up with funny stories.  This was one of them:  They were lost and scared kids who found shelter between two boats on the beach.  (They really were in-between two boats on the beach!)


This is after they were rescued.   🙂


Thanks for giving me big belly laughs, Kit and Jeff!  You guys rocked your shoot!

I can’t wait to share the entire gallery with you, Joan!



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