Kate at the Ferry Building

A beautiful Los Angeles baby Kate (5 months old) visited San Francisco on her mommy, Michele’s birthday.  It is also Michele’s very first Mother’s Day, so it was an extra special photoshoot!

Here is the Ferry Building at 8:30am.  Already people lining up at every store!

I wonder at what age babies know that’s their own reflection.

The yellow glow is from the premium olive oil bottles that lined the walls.

A peach for a peach.  🙂

I took this photo through a gap in a wire display of boxed chocolates.

I LOVE the color patterns and the framing of mommy stealing a kiss.  The fact that you only see a part of Michele and Kate’s faces puts an emphasis on the kiss itself.

A visit to San Francisco means we MUST take a photo of the Bay Bridge.  I have a bunch of great family portraits of Michele, Al and Kate, but this one is my favorite because they are relaxed and just being themselves.

I love the lighting in this photo of the Bay Bridge.  The sun sat just above the bridge and made parts of the water dance with reflections.

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