Looking Forward

Updated: May 25, 2020

When clients tell me they look forward to their photoshoot every year, I may respond with a calm “oh, that’s so nice”, but what I want to say is:  “SQUEEEE!  ME TOO!  ME TOO!!!”

Shooting repeat clients through the years means catching up with friends, watching their kids grow up, visiting their new homes, hearing about transitions like new careers, and getting to bond with their little ones.  So every year, I can’t wait!

Last weekend’s shoot with Christine, Kevin and little KJ was like this.  At one point, Kevin said to his now-talking-and-running toddler, “Auntie has known you your ENTIRE life,” it made me chuckle since he is 23.5 months old — but it’s true.  I first met them at Christine’s maternity shoot and now, I could see KJ’s personality emerge, and it is so cool!  Already, I know he is enamored by cars and trains and everything-construction.  He likes things in their place, including trash in the cans.  He is polite and a great sharer.  Daddy is his best friend and mommy gives the best cuddles.  Whenever I walked away to shoot from behind something, he would get up to look for me.  He loves knowing where everyone is at all times.

By the end of the shoot, we became buddies (heehee), and I am already looking forward to seeing this darling family next year!  ❤️

Some behind-the-scenes shots of me and my buddy:  🙂

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