Mommy Flory

Mommy Flory is a phenomenal woman who changed the lives of many and inspired everyone else!

She is someone who has dedicated her life to helping others — not because she has to, but because she wants to.

She has been a public school teacher in one of the toughest neighborhoods and now owns and manages homes for the mentally challenged.  She is the first to lend a hand to people in need.  She is our very own Mother Teresa.  She is Florinda Yatco (Mommy Flory to me!) and she turned 70!

Today, we celebrated her amazing journey so far…


Surprise again!

I love this series…

Her family gave toasts before the big feast.  Flory’s granddaughter, Sophie, wrote a paper about why her grandmother is so great!

Flory’s daughter, Nina (I call her Ate Candy).  She is gorgeous and also has a heart of gold.  I think that runs in the family!

Myra, Flory’s youngest, couldn’t stop laughing during her mom’s appreciation speech.  I was elbowing her and Nina was about to throw something at her.  🙂


Ben (almost 5) and Sophie (8)

There were so many cute babies!

There were games, there was laughter…

And there was booze!

This is Flory’s brother, Flavi, who flew in from NYC.  I love this guy and could’ve spent all day hanging out with him!

Happy birthday, Mommy Flory!  We love you!

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