Monkey Bread

Don’t laugh.

There is such a thing as Monkey Bread!  And it doesn’t entail monkey heads or parts of actual monkeys, like it may sound.

I know Chinese people can eat some pretty interesting stuff, like tripe and sea cucumbers, but nope, Monkey Head Bread is kinda like cinnamon rolls. 🙂

My sister-in-law sent it to me in a care package with all kinds of goodies.  The day I baked it, we all devoured it… in one day!  And boy, was it YUM-MY!

Here is my monkey boy holding the adorable package of Monkey Bread that came with its own mini spatula…


Fresh and hot out of the oven…


I made some extra gooey and sticky sauce to drizzle over it, and now it’s ready to serve…


#foodphotography #monkeybread

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