My Dog & A Sandwich

Who blogs about a sandwich???  I do!

I can’t help it.  I find food fascinating.  Oh but I don’t cook, unless you count putting a frozen Trader Joe’s meal on the stove and stirring it til it’s hot “cooking”.

So I took this photo to share with all five of you who read my blog.  🙂

This is MY kind of sandwich…


ONE and a half slices of turkey, a slice of baby swiss cheese, and a MOUND of sprouts and lettuce!  And don’t forget the extra mayo.

It’s like 1 part meat and 5 parts veggies.  Yum!

Burgers made MY way are the same sort of deal… one beef patty piled high with lettuce and some pickles on the side.  Finish it off with some fries (the thin crunchy ones, not the fat steak fries) and a strawberry shake.  Gosh, I’m getting hungry.

Since my sandwich picture isn’t that interesting, I thought I’d add some photos I took recently of ma dawg Henry!

Here is Henry suntanning…


He sunbathes so much that he started out as a white dog!

(My jokes get worse as it gets later in the night!  Sorry folks.  Good thing there are only five readers.  Phew!)


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