My Family Shoot Solution

If you’ve been following my blog since I first started it in 2009, you may remember The Worst Photoshoot Ever — which, of course, is a photoshoot of my own family!  (You need to read that blog post if you want a good laugh!)

Since then, I’ve stopped doing self family portraits because it yielded terrible, horrible, cringing results!  It’s flat-out embarrassing actually.

Now I either hire another photographer to shoot my family or I’ll do the shoot, but just of the kids.  So that’s what I did 3 days ago!

Below are a few shots from my minishoot of my monkeys.  (This Summer, I had 4 monkeys as my stepdaughter, Kaitlyn, got to stay with us!)

Alice In Wonderland

Getting 4 kids ready for a morning photoshoot as well as preparing for the shoot can create quite a time challenge.  So we got off to a late start and the sun was too bright for my liking.

I decided to shoot on a path where there was mostly shade and one narrow slice of light.  I love the results.  It looks like they were walking in a garden tunnel.

The “tunnel” and tall plants make this image feel like it sprang out of Alice in Wonderland!

My Girls

Kaitlyn, Mia and Ava are all growing up so fast.  Sigh.

My Little Man

Ian styled his own hair and was quite proud to sport it with his tie.

Heavenly Light

My Four Monkeys

It fills my heart with joy to see all four of my monkeys together.  And happy!  I mean, look at ’em.  They are grinning ear to ear.

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