My New Baby

I have been pretty content with my collection of camera gear… UNTIL I received my new lens yesterday.  Now I am thinking, “How did I manage without this?!!”

The Nikon 85mm f/1.4 is my new baby.  I can’t wait to bring this on my shoot tomorrow and Sunday!  Stay tuned for some “real” photos.  For now, I’ll share a few test shots I took last night…

Tack Sharp


Below is Ian’s foot just before bathtime.  Eiew.  Look how you can see all the lint and *stuff* on the bottom of his foot!  This was taken indoors, in low light.  He was holding his leg up in the air and I was hand-holding my camera — yet, the image is still sharp.

Like Butter

See Ian in the background?  He’s not that far behind his foot and he is blurred out with super creamy bokeh!

Great Portrait Lens

This focal length is wonderful for portraits.  Every shot feels up close and personal without needing to get directly in their face.

My New Baby

The combination of all these traits, I think, will easily make this one of my favorite lenses in my bag.  Yup, I think this lens is my new baby!

This image below was taken after bathtime, so it was fairly dark.  Look how sharp this is…. you can see her pores and the teeny baby hair on her skin!  (Did you hear my jaw drop?!!)

By the way, all of these images are straight-out-of-the-camera.  The BxW images were converted to BxW, but that was it.  No sharpening or additional processing.

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