My New Year Mistake

Why is it that your own children are the hardest to photograph?!!

The bigger question is:  why do I make the mistake of photographing my own kids on New Year’s Day after bathtime in their jammies… and think it will only take 5 minutes?  Every.  Single.  Year.  Who am I kidding???

Well, not all traditions are easy — but I have to say, I am so glad I made this our family tradition!

So that 5 minutes quickly turned into 30, and my poor husband had to perform A PUPPET SHOW just so I could get this one shot of the three of them looking like they are the Asian version of the Brady Bunch kids!   🙂

Thanks for your help, Schmookie Pookie Ookie Bear!  (j/k.  I don’t call him that!  He is probably gagging as he is reading this!)

Below are a few more shots that put a smile to my face.

Ian asked me to take a photo of his “pirate face”.  I didn’t know he had this so-called face, and I didn’t ask any questions I didn’t want to hear the answers to.

So I just took the shot like a good Mama-razzi!

Um.  Again, I didn’t ask.

My little 2-year old, Ava, has never done this before:  pose for the camera!  What the???  Who is this child?!!

She loves to read about Princesses and Fairies…and Umizoomi (in case you were curious).

And here’s one I played around with for fun…

It is more whimsical than my usual lifestyle images because it mixes illustration with photography.  What do you think?

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