Picture Day at School

Yesterday was Mia’s first Picture Day at school!

I spent extra time fixing her hair and even put mousse in it.  And she actually got to wear a nice knit dress from Gymboree.  She usually wears what I call “play clothes” because the activities she likes to do at school are those that are messy.  *sigh*

She’ll come home with paint on her face, hands, and clothes.  She’ll be missing one of her hairclips, so one side of her hair will be down and one side is still up in a ponytail.  She’ll have playdough stuck to her butt.  And there’s almost always a quarter cup of sand in her shoes.  Ahhh, the life of having a preschooler!

So, like any mom (ha!), I prepped her for her first Picture Day!  I talked to her about what to expect and what she should do and not do.  Don’t touch your hair.  Listen to the photographer.  Don’t paint or play with playdough or go into the sandbox. Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard.  😉

After I picked her up at school, Mia was proud to point out that she didn’t touch her hair all day!  She showed me how all her hairclips were still in-tact!

So when we arrived home, I picked up my own camera and took a few shots of my own.  I couldn’t resist.



This is just a random photo I took that day.

It’s of a flower Mia picked from a bush that we stuck in a snack cup with water.

In the corner is the light shining through a glass, which, in this composition, looks almost like a symbol of the sun with rays.

It’s a simple photo, but the hardness of the plastic cup and the illumination from the glass is powerfully contrasted.  And the bright vivid colors of the flower inside the cup is refreshing.  I like it!


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