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Ria & Jose, San Francisco Wedding Photography

This morning’s wedding had a vintage-inspired theme (ooh la la) and involved a very sweet couple, Ria and Jose.  They are also former clients of mine, so they are smart and have impeccable taste in art too (hee hee)!

Out of sheer excitement, I went through all the wedding images this afternoon.  I even skipped lunch to do this, and if you know me, you know I love my food!  So this is a big deal.  🙂

I won’t have the full sneak peek until this weekend, but I just can’t wait!  So here is a sneak peek of my Sneak Peek.  These images were shot in a hotel in downtown San Francisco.  They remind me of Old Hollywood.

Old Hollywood 1


Old Hollywood 2


Stay tuned for the full Sneak Peek this weekend!

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