San Francisco

Since I arrive early for each photoshoot to check lighting, stake out good photo areas, and get my cameras set up, I have time to take a few snapshots that I find interesting of the location.

Here are a few photos that I found really interesting from my last shoot in San Francisco…

Out For A Smoke

This older gentleman came out of the cafe for a smoke.  The way he leaned on the beaten up Chevy was so interesting.

Was he depressed?  Sad?  Tired?  Ill?  I love photos that tell a story or make you think.


Signs and More Signs

Your eyes almost don’t know where to look.


Flying Rats

Okay, I admit — I’m not a fan of pigeons.  But it’s not a city if there weren’t pigeons, so I thought this photo is a perfect representation of a typical city scene.

Artistically, I like how the yellowish-orange color of the background brings out the bird’s eye color.


Kiss My…

Tail feathers?  Just kidding.  I intended on taking a close up of the pigeon’s face, but he turned that very second.  (I guess he was camera shy!)

But some “mistakes” can be pretty cool.  I happen to like this one because it is something I would’ve never thought of taking, for obvious reason!

The result is… a circle-shaped bundle of feathers.  Visually it is very interesting because you don’t see other parts of the bird (head, legs).


12 Lemons For $1

It just looks like a typical weekend morning in the city.


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