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Things To Chew On

This week is all about giving thanks (not just because of the Thanksgiving 'holiday'), and I have even more to be thankful for this year than ever!

I will be making a big transition with my kids and also shifting my business a little. More on that later! I had a tough year, but with every challenge comes a gift in the form of a learning opportunity.

I am thankful for my puppies for their kisses and cuddles, my oldest who makes me so proud, my supportive son who insists on accompanying me to medical appointments, my youngest who can make me smile no matter what the circumstance, pumpkin spice latte with oatmilk (don't laugh, but I only just discovered this!), being alive (really! I had a few health scares so it's a good day every day I wake up!), and last but not least.... AH-MAH-ZING clients who choose me to capture their family's story each year. Even after 15+ years of doing this, I still have to pinch myself sometimes for getting to do something I love for 'work'. I am oh-so grateful!!!

When this week is over, I will still count my blessings and be grateful for things big and small. I will chew on what new adventures I want to have next year, and I can't wait to start new traditions.

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