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The Sounds of Heaven

A passerby said to us when he walked by at the beginning of our shoot: "Your kids' laughter sounds like Heaven."

I think so too.

During the shoot, we were all smiles and there was A LOT of laughing. We may or may not have -- ehem -- talked about armpits and doodoo, and yes, I realize my sense of humor jives with 6 and 8 year olds! haha

So whhyyyyy is it that now, when I look at these photos, I feel emotional? Part of it is that I haven't seen Benney and Luna for 3 long years because of Covid, and I've missed them! So much has changed in that time, yet it also feels like everything is just as we left off.

Mostly, I think I'm just eternally grateful to be the one to get to know this authentic, loving family, so I can capture them as they are. ❤️

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