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Our trip to Massachusetts – Part 1:  Rockport

I love going to Rockport when I visit Massachusetts.  Rockport is a small town by a harbor.  There are cute little shops, cobble stone paths, beautiful sights, freshly made ice creams and delicious lobster and New England clam chowders!

Of course I took photos of my family and other obvious sights during this trip, but I find it soooo interesting to shoot things that make most people scratch their head!  I don’t know if this is a talent or a curse, but often, I can see something (artistically beautiful) when most people see nothing.

(FYI:  I will post photos of people in a different blog!)


So much of what I’m drawn to are colors, shapes, patterns, textures, and of course light.


I also constantly challenge my “eye” by looking at simple everyday things in a different way.

This is a window to someone’s basement.


This is another view of the scene from the window reflection.  This is what most people would take a photo of!  Still beautiful indeed.


From talking with this smiley man with a strong Bah-ston (Boston) accent, I feel like he is also the fisherman who catches the day’s seafood!  Can you say “The Perfect Storm”?  🙂

Their lobster dipped in melted butter is the best!  And you eat it outside on their deck by the water — pure bliss!


Lawrence, my monkeys and I were seated on a bench while eating our guilty pleasures (mine was a chocolate eclair) when I saw this pair of love birds walk by.

From the length of their shadows and the soft sunlight, you can tell it is late in the day.  I love the romantic mood of this photo.


I swear I hadn’t taken any prescription drugs or drunk too much of anything, including caffeinated beverages, but that day, I saw faces in so many inanimate objects!

Is it just me, or do you see it?


Below Left: I love the colors and also how the web-like branches cuts through the harsh straight lines of that house.

Below Right: C’mon do you see it?!!


I took this photo through the windshield of our car while we were driving on the highway.  And Lawrence (aka, Speed Racer) was driving, so this photo could probably be a little sharper.  😉

I love the imagery of the sunset with the lights from the cars.  Together, they emit a feeling of “life”.


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