Styled Shoot: Little House On The Prairie

I reserved this past weekend for doing taxes, but since I finished them a whopping 3 days early (impressive, right?!!  ;)), I had the weekend open!  I decided to take Mia, my 8-year old, out for a spontaneous styled photoshoot!

Styled shoots are pretty much the opposite of Lifestyle Photography.

Instead of capturing what naturally unravels, I am posing and sculpting scenes.  I find this to be a refreshing departure from my usual style.  I could tell my model what to do and position her exactly where I want!

So I opted to take Mia to an old schoolhouse and barn for a country themed shoot.  At one location, I gave her pigtails, which reminds me of Little House On The Prairie.  (Does anyone remember that show or am I the oldest person who reads my blog?!!)

Photography Info:  You can style any shoot pretty much.  As long as you have willing participants, you are golden.  Families with children under 5 years old, for example, may not be the best subjects for a styled shoot.  Other than that, just have fun with it!

Enjoy your day.  Every day.



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