Styled Shoot: Mia

With Mia growing older, I am no longer limited to the kind of shoots where I’m chasing after her til I’m panting and my throat hurts from making all the funny voices to make her laugh!  Heh heh.

So for this shoot, she wore a chi-pao (a traditional Chinese dress).  Here’s the funny part…

I didn’t know how to do her hair, sooooooo obviously, I resorted to the cartoon, Ni Hao Kai-Lan!  It’s like Dora The Explorer where there’s a mix of 2 languages, there’s a lesson in each episode, and the main character has a phenomenally large-sized head.  (In case you’re wondering… I have watched it.)

Towards the end of the shoot, I put her hair down because I just couldn’t do an entire shoot — though it was only about 30 minutes — with her hair in 2 side buns.  And you know what happened???

She instantly aged 10 years!

Mia’s hair became wavy from the Kai-Lan ‘do, and it ended up looking like I gave her a Brazilian Blow-Out!

(I don’t really know what a Brazilian Blow-Out is, by the way.  I’m a keep-it-simple hair girl.)

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