The Godfathers

One of my favorite couples in the World is Andrew and Mike!  That’s why they are Mia’s Godparents.

I’ve known Andrew since I was 10 years old.  We both grew up in MA, our fathers were childhood classmates and best friends, my dad was his Godfather, and his father became my Godfather after my dad passed away.  He is my family.

Mike is one of those amazing people who can do anything and be anything he wants.  And when he puts his heart into something, he makes magic.

Andrew and Mike have been together for umpteen years (ok, I don’t remember how many, but it’s a lot!)  They are like Yin and Yang, perfect compliments for one another.  [FYI:  I’m not saying they’re perfect people or the perfect couple because I don’t believe in perfection.  But I just haven’t figured out what their imperfections are yet.  I’ll have to get back to you.]

Being around these two guys radiates sunshine into my soul… something I always appreciate and enjoy.  I want Melia to be around them as often and as much as possible.

This was an important day because it was her first time getting to know her Godfathers.  Melia has seen them several times and even stayed at their house, but she was always too young to remember.

The sunlight streaming in was gorgeous.

We actually watched the bees make this.  (I’m kidding!  But isn’t this the coolest honey?)

Since our visit, I often hear:  “I love my Godfathers!”   “They take care of me… they let me pick flowers… and they gave me the Barbie toy!”

OMG, let the spoiling begin…

Below is Melia viewing her Barbie toy before taking it out of the box.


It was love at first sight.

This is Melia’s first kiss on the lips from a guy!   😉

Melia’s thoughts:  I’ve got Jack at my side and a fistful of flowers…. it doesn’t get any better!

Saying our goodbyes

It has been 2 days since we visited, and Melia is still talking about Uncle Andrew and Uncle Mike!

She tells me how they are “special uncles” because they are her Godfathers.  🙂

When we arrived home after our long drive back to the SF Bay Area, she insisted on playing with “the Barbie toy that her Godparents gave her!”  It was 1:30am!!!

So I let her play with it last night after dinner.

Here she is… showing off her glitter lip gloss that she made with her Barbie Candy Glam!

Can you see the lip gloss around the OUTER perimeter of her lips?  Aiyai!!

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