The In-Between Moments

You have your somewhat posed shots, and then you have the moments in-between!

Those are the moments that characterize the stage of a family…


…highlights a facet of someone’s personality…


…and shows the similarities (or differences) between siblings.


Family Photography Tip:

Toddlers and babies who are mobile (typically ages 10 months through 3 years old) are usually perfect for lifestyle photography where they get to run around and play.  When someone — whether that is a family member or a photographer — commands that they act a certain way or do things a certain way, the photoshoot will not last very long.

From a very young age, children learn they are individuals and thus, prefer to do things on their terms!  So the trick is to let them feel like they are the ones in control by giving them choices (ie, If you want them to blow bubbles during a shoot, you can say, “Do you want to blow bubbles here or over there?”) and just letting them play, so it doesn’t feel like a photoshoot!

If you are a client with an upcoming photoshoot scheduled, feel free to call or email me with any questions about this.  I’d be happy to walk you through it!


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