The Unlucky Spouse

Most days, I whole-heartedly believe that my husband is incredibly lucky to be married to a Photographer.  He gets free portraits!  Do you know how much money he saves?!!  😉

But then there are times — and those come few and far between — that I feel maybe, just maybe, he is not so lucky.  He has to be my model when he may not want to.  He has to be my subject when I want to experiment with light, with new equipment, with a new style of shooting.

This weekend, we attended a good friend’s wedding.  It was so beautiful to watch the union of two very much in-love people tie the knot.  That also means there was a lot of time waiting.  So what is a Photographer with a camera to do?  heh heh.

I’ll explain more.

Here is the groom’s parents who both radiate extreme pride… (I love this shot!)

And here is a shot of the incredible bride and a very happy groom…

I can photograph them all day…okay, more like all WEEK (did you see the bride’s dress?!!), except this was my view most of the time…

So I took lots of shots of light fixtures.

And although they are beautiful (who doesn’t love crystal chandeliers?!!), it wasn’t enough.  I’m a Lifestyle Photographer.  Gimme a person!

Enter husband.

Ahhhhh…..better than light fixtures.  Better than backs of vendors.

See?  This isn’t all just for fun.  I’m going to throw in an actual tip!  🙂


When photographing adults, their hands need to have purpose.  Their hands don’t have to be busy crocheting or playing thumb war; they just can’t hang straight down in a limp way.

When I told the hubs to have one hand in his pocket, here is an example of the RIGHT way and the WRONG way to do this…

Can you tell we had fun with this?!!

This was a ramp that the caterers used to bring in the food.  Voila, a good shooting location!  😉

Even with my heavy camera, we pulled off a few “selfies”…

A want to give a big THANK YOU to my husband who was such a trooper for being my model this weekend and a special thanks to all the martinis that helped make these photos possible.  Haha

Have a great weekend, my friends.  And, as always, whatever you photograph, have fun doing it!



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