To Vegas or Bust

This past weekend was my FIRST time away from my kids!  And of all places, I went to Vegas!

I went with my good friend Brenda, whom I’ve known since we were at Cal.  We went to Vegas to celebrate several friends’ 40th birthday.

There, Brenda and I got to do things we — as parents of young children — rarely get to do:  nap, go to swanky places, and have uninterrupted adult conversations!

I did miss my monkeys and called them at least twice per day.  I know, I’m pathetic.  What can I say?  As corny as this sounds, my monkeys (and the big monkey — my hubs) are my life.

I have one photo to share with you from the 40th birthday party.  It is non-incriminating, yet makes you wonder!


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