Twin Day

Have you ever been so connected to someone that you didn’t even need to talk in full sentences because the other person already knows what you’re going to say?

A typical conversation between me and Myra

Me: Gosh, look at the…

Myra: Yea, I know!  Isn’t it…

Me: Definitely!  How about we…

Myra: Okay, let’s do it!

Me and Myra (in harmony): I was thinking the same thing!  (Then we break into hard laughter!)

Now you know why we call each other Twin!

Here’s a photo of BOTH of us.  That’s so I could intentionally be in the photo!  (No remote shutter control or tripod, so I had to be creative!)


Myra is my only friend who still celebrates my birthday!  She’s finally agreed to not give gifts… I think it was only a couple years ago when I finally strong-armed her into agreeing to that!

Now, we give each other activities!

This year, she took me to Ardenwood Historical Farm for a picnic.  It was so fun and relaxing.

Here was the spread… Salad, fruit, chips, hummus, mojito, homebaked wine bread!  Mmmm…


This is the FUNNIEST photo of us.  Look at the reflection in Myra’s glasses!!!

(For photographers:  I burned in more contrast in her glasses to make that pop out more.)


I loved the linear rows upon rows of picnic tables juxtaposed against the crazy gi-normous tree!  Kind of eerie, if you ask me.


There were green pastures, cute furry farm animals, a real Blacksmith, a horse-drawn train, old farm houses, a white mansion, beautiful gardens…

…and then you see the electric fence!  =:O


If these pigeons could talk, they’d say:  “Oh no!  Those aren’t chocolates!  Fly awaaaay!!!”


This is one of my favorite photos of my Twin…


We were so pooped after our outting.  I took a snapshot of her while we were talking between the stair rails!


Thanks, Twin, for a great birthday celebration!  I loved turning 29… again!  😉

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