The Davids

I had the wonderful pleasure of capturing images of David and David… and Summer too!  (Sister Sarah couldn’t make it, but hopefully we’ll take some photos of her early next year.)

I have so many favorites from this photoshoot, but I don’t want to give away the farm… so here are just a FEW of my favorites…

In this photo, I focused on the leaves on little David’s head.  What makes this one of my favorites is Daddy David’s expressive face that you see in the background!  There is so much action and brilliant colors in this photo…

This is absolutely one of my favorites!  I love that you can only see David’s eyes and that you can actually see the leaves falling.  The washed out blue of the sky, the colorful leaf against David’s white shirt, and how David is off-center make this super interesting and artsy.  One of these days when I have “free time” (whatever that is), I’ll put this in my portfolio!

I like this family portrait.  Everyone’s just lounging around.  I took a bunch while they were laying on the ground, but this one was most striking because little David is looking straight at me while his parents are looking at him!  It tells a nice story…

We laughed a lot during this photoshoot because Little David, only 2 years old, was such a “ham”!  He’d not only smile, but he’d also hold the pose and then adjust his head a little here and there while I shot away.  He is a model in the making!  Here is one of my favorite model poses from little David…

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  1. I really like the one with the leaves and the last shot is priceless. Nice work!!

  2. Annie

    You are extraordinary. You have a real photographer’s eye – no surprise to you but your sense of movement, balance, framing, and people are flawless.

    You could see into the moment with these photos – and I have only seen the tip of the iceberg but I had to let you know how impressed I was with what I have seen already.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest and finding some time for you to get those glamour shots of Sarah (and a couple of family shots of all of us together).

    You are an artist.