Beauty and the Belly

Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a wonderful day today.  It started off with a homemade breakfast by my husband and a bunch of drawings wrapped in paper from my 4-year old daughter, Melia.

Then I was out the door 10 minutes later for a lovely photoshoot of Lisa who is 30-weeks pregnant with twin girls!

Not only is Lisa an incredible-looking pregnant woman, but also… she is ALL BELLY!  Thin arms and legs with a bump in the middle.  Hence, the title of this post:  Beauty and the Belly! 😉


Lisa got this beautiful henna tattoo on her belly.

Let’s see if I can remember the meaning of the symbols… I think the vines represent the connection between her and her babies, and the rabbit represents a fast and easy delivery!  We joked about how she will go back and get a family of rabbits tattooed on her belly!


This is one of my favorite shots.  Where’d her feet go?  (I’m sure Lisa is wondering the same thing!)


dsc_8703bg dsc_8677bg

Lisa and her husband, George, have this undeniable connection.  You can see it in her face when he talks to her and when he kisses her.  Her face just illuminates.


This is a wonderful series of her laughing.  There were a lot of jokes flying from the peanut gallery (aka, George)!  😉

dsc_5561bg dsc_5565bg

I thought of this pose as we entered the house.  I love playing with light and patterns.

The shape of the door frame, the reflection in the glass, and the sunny outdoors with the darkness of the indoors made this irresistible to me.


Happy Mother’s Day to Lisa and all of you Super Moms out there!

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  1. George Kirk

    Thanks Annie you work is exquisite. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures of my beautiful wife.
    The Peanut Gallery

  2. Lisa

    Thank you for such an enjoyable experience!!!! Being pregnant you dont always feel that great, but you made me feel You are very talented!!! You made my first Mother’s day truly memorable!!! I loved all the pictures, but especially the belly and feet (or lack of) and the one through the screen door. Very creative and artistic!Thanks again Annie!!

  3. Brenda

    the henna tattoo is so cool! congrats lisa and george! the photo of george kissing lisa is so sweet! and annie, i love how you created the last photo!

  4. Annie

    This was such a relaxing and fun photoshoot. If it wasn’t Mother’s Day that day, I would’ve stayed longer just to hang out with Lisa, but gosh darnit, my kids and hubs were waiting for me at home! Lisa is just so nice to talk to, and I can’t help but laugh whenever George opens his mouth. He is a natural entertainer! No wonder Lisa is always smiling.

  5. Diane

    Annie you did a wonderful job on Lisa and that henna tatoo is really Lisa who is such a caring and loving person.Now we need to see the 2 miracles????

  6. Annie

    Thanks, Diane! Yes, I’ll hopefully have those photos of the twins soon. 🙂 It’s now a waiting game. Check back here in a week or two. They’re due any day!