Real Parents

I love it when I meet real parents…

People who admit that parenting can sometimes be tough, people who talk to their kids in normal voices (not Minnie mouse voices, although I’ll do that on occasion when I see a baby), people who act themselves even around their kids.

The Y. Family today were just that way, and it was so refreshing to see and hear.

I couldn’t help but laugh whenever Ellen would tell me to take a photo when her son, Griffin (3.5 yrs old), started sulking because that represented his current stage or how funny it’d be if Alicia (6 yrs old) tripped in the garden because it’d look like the animal-shaped bush was hugging her!  Oh my gosh, it still makes me laugh as I think about it now!

Ellen and Edward were very involved parents who played with their kids as well as came to their rescue when the kids needed more attention, but they were also very real people.  I loved that.


I can’t decide if I like the silly photo of the family intentionally running like Elaine dancing in Seinfeld, or if I like the natural and sweet photo of them in the garden.  So here are both of them.  You decide.



Tender Moments

This was when the sun first peeked out this morning.  It casted a warm glow among the leaves, in the grass behind them and around their hair.  Gorgeous!


Peek-A-Boo, I See You… and Lightening McQueen!

I was peeking at Griffin through the lattice wall while he played with his truck and cars.  I love creating natural framing.


The World’s Tallest Palm Tree

Well, it probably isn’t, but that title was captivating, wasn’t it?!!  Heh heh.

It was definitely a tall palm tree though!  The only way to get it in the photo was to take it with Ali and Edward standing just below it and shooting straight up.  I like the perspective.

I love how they’re holding hands, too.  And I composed the shot with them in the lower corner of the photo, which I think makes the photo look more interesting than if they were in the center.

Gosh, I love this photo and imagine it as a large print that is mounted or on canvas.


The Horizontal Run

Watch out squirrels, the Y. kids know how to run up trees!

It was a real challenge to keep my camera stabilized when I was laughing so hard.  🙂

I like this photo a lot because it shows Ellen’s personality, not just the kids!


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  1. Ellen

    hey annie, these look great! i love the action shots – especially the silly running one! we had a blast hanging out with you. too bad it took griffin so long to warm up. next time, let’s shoot for a non-morning photoshoot!

  2. Annie

    Ellen, Griffin did great! I have so many photos of him smiling, laughing and having fun. You can also really tell he loves his cars and truck! My photography style is to capture “the story” during the session… whether that is all happy, some sad, or sleepy. If you’d like, we can do the beach shoot in the afternoon and get the orangy glow of the sun setting. That will be gorgeous!

  3. Annie

    Just wait to see your entire gallery later this week! 🙂

  4. Elaine

    Hey Ellen! Great photos! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Let me know when your gallery is up.

  5. Yvonne

    I love them all. Fun, natural shots! Let me know when your gallery is up too. I want to view them all.

  6. Helen

    Wow! What lovely shots of a fun-loving family! They are just so….”you”!!!