Contest: A Tribute To Moms!

If you’re like me, you like beautiful jewelry, your kids hold the key to your heart, and you treasure photography of your precious family.  Oh, and you love getting things for free!  🙂

I designed this contest to appeal to moms who like all those things.  And it is soooo easy to enter!  It will take 5 minutes of your time, and you can win $400 worth of goods that you will treasure forever.

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The fantastic prizes:

1)  A beautiful, one-of-a-kind sterling silver circle pendant and silver chain by Starfield Bay.  The pendant can have up to 3 fingerprints of your loved ones.  This prize is not a gift certificate, but rather a gift bag that includes the clay, roller, instructions, and even an addressed and stamped envelope!  It is ready to go and only requires you to roll out the clay and put your cutie pies’ fingerprints on it!  The value of this Starfield Bay gift pack is $100.

I have 2 fingerprint necklaces from Starfield Bay that I wear every day!  I get compliments on them whenever I go out, but most importantly, I love them!  And they are 100% unique since they have my children’s fingerprints on them.

2)  You also get a 1-hour portrait session with me!  You must wear your winning necklace and can include up to 3 family members — preferably the people whose fingerprints you’ve put on the charm!  The location will be in an East Bay location.  If you live outside the San Francisco Bay Area, you are welcome to travel here for your photoshoot.  If you are unable to come to the Bay for your photoshoot, you are still welcome to enter the contest to win the fingerprint jewelry.

You also get a free 8×10 with any product order.  Total value is $295.

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How to enter:

1.  Be a fan of Annie Tao Photography on Facebook, if you aren’t already.

If you’re not on Facebook yet, then join now!  Even my 70 year old father-in-law has a Facebook profile!  (Okay, I just joined less than a year ago, so I can’t really tease anyone for not being on it.  But trust me, Facebook is a powerful and fun networking tool.)

2.  Leave a comment on this blog post.  Since this contest is a tribute to moms, your comment must be an answer to one of the following questions related to parenthood.  Please also state the location where you are located in the name box (ie, “Sally, Oregon”. “Judy from San Carlos”).

What was something funny, silly or embarrassing that happened to you as a result of caring for your children, like from lack of sleep or from them distracting you?  What was something funny, silly or embarrassing that your child said or did when you were out in public?

And if those don’t jog any memories, you can tell us a brief story about your experiences with your children that made you laugh or make you forget about all those sleepless nights they kept you up or your 15+ hours of labor!  You get the picture.  (I can’t wait to read what you have to say!!)

Other details:

* To be eligible to win the contest, you must meet all requirements noted above.

* Contest ends October 31, 2009.  The winner will be chosen by an impartial judge.

* If you are not located in the San Francisco Bay Area, you are welcome to travel here for your photoshoot if you are the winner.  If you cannot travel, then you are still eligible to win the jewelry.  You must submit a photo (taken by anyone) of yourself while wearing your winning necklace and email it to me, so we can announce the contest winner!

* We would love to hear your stories, so you are welcome to submit multiple comments to this blog post.  It does not, however, increase your chances of winning.

* The photoshoot prize is not transferable.  For instance, if you live outside of CA, you cannot keep the jewelry and give the free photoshoot to a CA friend.  Sorry!

* The winner will be chosen by an impartial third party.

* The winner will be contacted via email.  If I do not hear from you to receive your prizes within 5 days, another winner will be chosen.

* Anyone who is the main caregiver can enter the contest — not just women.  Dads can enter too, if they wish!

* Make sure I can match your blog comment name to your Facebook name.  So if you have an obscure Facebook name, like “CoolChick”, then please note that as your name on my blog.

Leave a comment on Facebook!


  1. I’ll start us off with an embarrassing one. I have many!

    I was in Hawaii with my hubs and 2 monkeys who were around 3 and 8 mos old at the time. We were sitting down when this older gentleman who wore an eye patch slowly walked passed us with his cane. (He looked like an interesting fellow who was probably a war veteran.) We watched silently as he limped by. It was quiet all around us. Then Melia, my 3 year old, says VERY LOUDLY, “Look, Mom! A PIRATE!!!!”

  2. Hi I am Ginny, from Tennessee and I am a mother of 4 small children. The funniest thing that happened to me was when my husband and I were in church, after prayer service and remind you that it was very quiet and my son of 4 years, had the strangest look on his face! I asked, “what was going on?” He said, Mom, that lady prayed for her girly part! I said shhh!! What? no she didn’t!! He said, She did, she said “I want to pray for my Vagina!!” Now he was very loud and I took him outside and said no honey she said “Angina” which is a heart condition!!! I laughed for days about his misunderstanding!!!

  3. Brenda/San Mateo

    Here’s a funny story… When I was at the hospital having labor induced for our 3rd child, our youngest at the time (4 years old) announced with confidence at preschool that morning that I was at the DENTIST having a baby… all the teachers and parents present erupted in laughter!

  4. My son Nicholas just started Kindergarten and came home from school, very serious, to tell my husband and I that we have been saying his name all wrong these past few years, he just learned the “ch” sound and told us his name is “ni”ch”lus” and that we needed to start saying his name correctly. At least he’s learning…

  5. Yuan, San Diego

    I was at the local grocery store, waiting for my 2 girls to go to the restroom, and my 8 year old son Ethan (7 at the time) starts chatting up a woman standing outside the door.

    Ethan has a magic eight ball with him, and he says to her “Would you like to ask my magic eight ball a question?”

    Woman: “Sure, what should I ask it?”

    Ethan: “You can ask it if you will ever get married.”

    Woman: (Initial shock, then laughter) “Oh, I’m already married.”

    Ethan: “You can ask if you will have any children.”

    Woman: (Laughing) “Ok. Will I have any children?”

    Ethan shakes the eight ball. “Yes.”

    Ethan always talks to random strangers and says the funniest things. The girls are hilarious in different ways. 🙂

  6. My twins are 11 weeks old. I emailed my husband one morning and said “oh isn’t it great that the babies slept for 6 hours straight.” He emailed me back to remind me that they had not slept for 6 hours straight and in fact had been up several times in the night. Oh the slept deprevation. Oh well, at least we dont remember it.

  7. Cher, Dublin

    Last year Cady, who just turned 3 at the time, and I were shopping for Halloween costumes when she spotted a devil costume. Intriged she asked what it was so I just gave her a straight but simple answer. I responded “Honey, it’s called a devil” and thought nothing more of it. As soon as we step foot inside her preschool the next day she announces to her very Catholic teacher “Mommy showed me the devil!”. I almost spit out my coffee!

  8. Brenda, San Mateo

    Wanted to also share something my eldest daughter (age 6.75 yrs old) said today… ‘Mommy, you should sign Bella (our 7 month old) up for Kung Fu because she kicks really hard!’ =D

  9. Katie, Pleasanton

    Matthew and Sarah, my 3 yr.-old twins were in bed but not sleeping like they were supposed to. They kept yelling requests from their respective rooms for more water, lights on, doors open, etc. My husband and I had had enough and were ignoring their shouts. I was brushing my teeth (and therefore couldn’t respond) when Matthew yelled, “I have to go potty!” When they didn’t hear from me, Sarah shouted down the hall to her brother, “Matthew! Just get up and go by yourself! Nobody is coming to get you!”

  10. Katie, Pleasanton

    We were taking a road trip to Southern California on Highway 5 and my 3 yr.-old twins, Matthew and Sarah, were sound asleep. We came upon a brush fire on the side of the road that had been caused by a burning big rig. Matthew, my chubby snack-lover, could smell the smoke even while sleeping. He slowly opened his eyes and said in a groggy voice, “Mmmm, I smell something gooood!” Even while sleeping he was always thinking of food!

  11. Jenny, Belmont

    My 3 year old daughter was potty trained soon after she turned 2 years old. Though I am very proud of how easily she did it, I was re-missed and forgot to teach her public bathroom etiquette at the same time. One time I took her to the bathroom in a restaurant and there was a lady in the next stall who apparently have been holding in her #1 for a long, long time. After the lady was done, Sydney said in a loud, matter-of-fact voice, “mommy, why does that girl have such a long pee, pee, it’s not good for you to hold it in,” basically repeating what I tell her to encourage her to potty. I heard a soft cackle next door followed by a mad dash to get out of the bathroom!

  12. I took Zachary to my hair appointment when he was around 3 mos. old…totally worked b/c he was still fine hangin’ out in the carseat and was a generally happy baby. THEN, he decided to have one of his infamous ‘blow outs’ (not the kind you usually get at the hairdresser!) and I had to change his diaper on their shwanky chairs in the waiting area…the look of horror on their faces was priceless! Of course I took all of the precautions, changing pad + I carry a doggy wee-wee pad for such occasions. BUT, the blowout was so bad I had to throw out the outfit he was wearing! Thank goodness I had a spare!

  13. Amber, Dublin

    Mother-of-the-year here! My husband, 20-month old son, and I were waiting in the Bay Bridge toll line for about 45 minutes. Once we finally got to the window to pay, my son begins yelling “Fries, Fries!” He thought we were going through a drive-thu!

  14. Darien Gee

    Let’s see … where to begin? OK, first I am ALREADY a fan of Annie Tao, so do I get extra brownie points for that? 🙂

    Lately my 15 month old has developed the unfortunate habit of plunging his hand down my shirt whenever I am holding him. He doesn’t do this when we’re at home, but only in public. This was particularly fun when we were checking in at the airport and trying to make a case for an upgrade and praying they wouldn’t weigh our 50+ lb bags. The agent kept staring at the baby and didn’t seem to be listening to a word we were saying, but in the end we got the upgrade and our bags went through without a problem. So I guess I should be thankful though I’m looking forward to the day he outgrows this embarrassing trait!

  15. There are so many I’m afraid, and probably many that are less incriminating and more funny than this one. But, because it happened TODAY I must share: I have 2 sons, ages 2 and 4.5. Today the 3 of us piled in the car, drove to Sunnyvale, hung out with my 2 friends and their kids, and drove home in the late afternoon. Upon arrival home I pulled my youngest son out of his car seat and brought him inside. A few minutes later I looked at him and said, “oh honey, what happened? You’re soaking wet?!” Well, here’s what happened. Duh. His mother decided to FORGET for an entire day (7 hrs to be exact) that the poor guy isn’t Potty Trained and needs a diaper change every once in a while! HELLO! Poor guy was drenched and hadn’t been changed in 7 hrs. I LITERALLY did not think about it ONCE. Can’t even call it sleep deprivation. Somebody call Child Protection Services, quick!! 🙂

  16. Claire Retodo

    Something funny… My ritual with my kiddos is cuddling in bed before bedtime. This particular evening my daughter was beside me. My 9yr old daughter Alexandra asked me “Is having a baby like pushing out a rock?” I wanted to laugh so hard but I responded with a serious motherly voice, “No, its more like pushing out a boulder.” Then it was just a laugh out loud since it was already way too long to hold it in. No questions further from her:-)

  17. Hannah, from California. Without the child, you probably would never discover the most-often-used words used by your spouse. However, your child would pick it up quickly and imitate it. Just from my son, I learned what this word is for my husband, which gave me bellylaughes. However, I haven’t realized which word I used most often. I’m waiting for the moment.

  18. Joyce, from San Mateo. Okay, here’s an OMG moment..I was cleaning my daughter’s room one Saturday morning when I dropped a brush on my foot. I yelled out FUDGE and Jenna, my 5 year old came running up the stairs and asked “Are you okay Mommy? What happened?” I told her that I had dropped the brush on my foot and she gave my foot a quick kiss. Then she asked me, “Mommy, what’s fudge?” I told her that it was some kind of chocolate.” She then said, “So, fudge is better than F*ck, right?” Not knowing whether to laugh or to get mad at her for saying the dreaded “F” word, I told her that yes, fudge is better than that other word and please do not ever say that word again. Whew!!

  19. Jami T, Pleasanton

    I had just delivered my third baby – this time a girl. We were ecstatic! In preparation for this event, however, I wanted it to be special for my other two kids. I had hand-picked some particular gifts about a week before I was scheduled for my planned delivery. The gifts were “from the new baby” to her new big brothers. For the four-year old brother, the “baby” gave him a cool parking garage for his cars. For her two-year old brother, she got him a cute, sweet, little red Elmo doll that lets you pull his arms and legs back and forth – the Stretch and Fun Elmo. SO, if you have never seen a bull go after a red-caped bullfighter, you have not missed anything. Just try and picture what happened next. My two-year old (already rambunctious) son took one look at the red Elmo, and immediately began acting upon his already-understood-middle-child-syndrome anger on this poor, poor innocent doll (btw, his new baby sister happened to have been born with red hair…hmmm…). Nonetheless, that little stretchy Elmo took such a beating. Not only were his arms and legs stretched back and forth, but his entire fluffy body was tossed around the recovery room like a kangaroo that had been locked in a cage for a month (not sure if that image really works, but you get the idea). It was fortunate for little stretchy Elmo that we were in a hospital, because he needed some major repairs. Somehow, we caught the entire fifteen-minutes (yes, fifteen-minutes of Elmo beating) on video (and yes, we will absolutely save this video until we need to show it to his someday-fiancee). In case you were worried, nearly two years later, Elmo is a happy, well-adjusted doll that happens to be eyeless, disheveled, and missing some other body parts. Yet he always has that loving smile that brings the same to all of us, whenever we look at the poor fellow…who will forever sit on the fireplace mantle, away from angry middle-child two-year olds.

  20. Katy, Dublin

    My two boys are almost exactly two years apart. When the youngest one was an infant, and the older one was just a few months over two, we went to visit my parents in Chicago. My husband had to return to work, but I decided to stay a few days extra, so I had to fly back from Chicago to San Francisco on my own.

    The flight was NOT good. We were the people you dread to be sitting near on the airplane. The baby screamed for about 30 minutes straight, then thankfully fell asleep in my arms. However, at that point my older son started crying and screaming, yet I didn’t want to put the baby down because then he’d start crying again, too! All I could do was just quietly try to talk my older son down, all the while wishing I were anywhere else: the dentist’s chair, an IRS audit, ANYWHERE. I finally got both of them asleep and spent the rest of the flight trying to remain completely motionless so that I wouldn’t wake either of them up and have to go through that hell again.

    When the plane landed, the woman who was sitting behind me said, “Great job with those kids! I don’t think I would have had the patience you did; it must have been really frustrating.” I turned around to thank her… and it was a nun! All I could think was, “Boy, that must have been even worse than I thought if a NUN is saying she would have lost her cool!”

  21. Lisa, Redwood Shores

    My middle son Andrew has provided quite a lot of laughs this week in his combined first/second grade class. I met with his teacher Thursday afternoon to go over the details of the field trip the next day. But first, she said, she has to tell me what happened in class that day. It seems some of the 2nd graders where having trouble keeping their eyes on their own papers during a test. After several warning, Ms. Martin, raised her voice and basically read the older kids the riot act about cheating, talking during tests, etc. She then, went to explain to the 1st graders, they weren’t in trouble, why she’s raised her voice etc, etc. My son, raises his hand and says to her, “don’t worry about Ms Martin, I’m used to it. My mom raises her voice all the time. Thankfully, she was amused…I was not. The other story, involves same son, same teacher and the field trip to Hidden Villa Farm in Los Altos. A fun and education field trip to a working farm, the kids first went to the organic garden. There the docent lets the kids try some vegetables straight out of the garden, like beets and a cucumber. She went on to explain that they can’t grow the English or Persian type of cucumbers, the so-called “burpless” ones. At the comment, Andrew, raises his hand and says, “I’m not burpless” and proceeds to show us. Again, I am mortified and his teacher is hysterically laughing….but then later, when kneeling to take a picture with a girl in the class, she lost her balance and fell into a pile of goat poop…then it was my turn to laugh!

  22. amy nguyen (san carlos)

    I really must do a better job of documenting what happens in our lives, because it was so hard for me to recall all those kiddie/parenthood moments that have made me crack up! I’ve put the OJ in the microwave, got into my car with two different shoes on, was in a public a full day with Trader Joe’s stickers on my rear, among so many other embarrassing things, but ah — I guess I will share one funny story with you: for a period of about 4 months (when my daughter first began to call out names), she would call my mom the funniest thing. We taught her to call my mom “Ba Ngoai,” which means maternal grandmother in Vietnamese. Well, in those early days, our little Audrey’s version somehow came out as “Ba Gia” (“Bah Yah” phonentically), which means “Old lady” in Vietnamese! So yeah, my daughter would scream across places like a banquet hall (i.e. 50th bday party for a family member!), asian mall or grocery store filled with Vietnamese people yelling out, “Old Lady!!! OLD LADY!” for her grandmother!

  23. elaine, redwood shores

    It was a typical weekday morning. The frantic rush out of the house….half-awake Mommy trying to reach complete consciousness, my 5 year old son, Ian, munching on the rest of his breakfast and chattering happily in the backseat. All of a sudden I hear his voice go up a notch, “Mommy!! Look!!” It turns out that Ian was pointing out the sun peeking out from the heavy blanket of fog for the first time that morning. He was right, the sky was a dreamy collage of pinks and grays and it really was beautiful. Ian observes quietly “Mommy, I know how sunsets are your favorite but sunrises are beautiful too, aren’t they?” I forgot ALL about the sleep deprivation.

  24. I have three kids 4.5, 3, and 9 months. My sleep deprivation is in high gear but my most recent triumph is when I can change my 9 month old son’s poopy diaper while holding one of his legs as he is trying to escape!It should be a new olympic sport! It is a workout because I have to try and wipe him clean AND apply a new diaper while he is crawling, twisting,fussing,and squirming himself away. I feel pretty good when I can accomplish all this without losing my temper, the diaper, or the poop somewhere!

  25. Thank you to ALL who participated in my Tribute To Moms Contest! I just returned from vacation, but will now concentrate on going through the list of entries and have an objective Third Party representative choose a winner!

    The winner will be notified through email and will have 5 days to respond.

    Good luck to you all! I know ALL of us moms (and dads) should be given free gifts just for doing the hardest and thankfully, the most rewarding, “job” on Earth!

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