The Story of Colby The Dog

In a far away land, only ten short weeks ago, Colby was born.


Her parents, Dave and Winnie, picked her up at 8 weeks old and loved her ever since.

DSC_1574bg DSC_1528bg

Colby’s parents took her on long walks and cuddled with her every chance they found.

DSC_6785bg DSC_6850bg

When Colby was tired, Winnie or Dave would carry her… like any parent would happily do with their newborn baby!


Colby may look like a puppy, but she does many human things, like go to bookstores to read.

She also stops for coffee with her parents, but is limited to decaf.

DSC_6969bg DSC_7059bg

Colby loves her pizza-loving parents, but wished they would’ve shared a small bite with her.  Poor Colby.


On their way home, Colby fell asleep comfortably in her daddy’s arms, and mommy stole a moment to be cute with daddy!


The End

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  1. cute story, lucky dog. once again you’ve captured a family nd their togetherness. nice job! what breed is colby?

  2. Thanks for the awesome shoot and for making us so comfortable. Exactly what we were looking for!! For the previous commenter… Colby is a Chinook.

  3. love the pix…my favorite is the one of you guys on the bench holding Colby…Winnie’s beautiful in the pic! Alexis agrees.