Brenden Part Two – Textures

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I am starting to play with textures.  This is Day 2 of Texture Fun!

So I loved the texture I put on Ria’s photo, but do textures work well with babies?  Let’s investigate…

Heart Feet


Mommy In The Mirror


So far, I think the textures work for the top two photos.  (They are different textures, if you were curious.)

For photographers:  I put a Photoshop mask on the key faces, so that the subjects don’t look dirty.  That’s just personal taste.  I don’t like squiggles and dirt on faces…. though I guess you’d think differently if you saw my monkeys!)

Dad’s Chest Makes A Great Bed


Just for comparison because I’m not quite sure if I like the texture on this third photo, here is the photo without the texture…


What do you think?  Texture or no texture for photo #3?

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  1. I think in this particular shot with the dad and baby, no texture is my vote for #3. The first 2, I love the textures.

  2. Susan Blatchford

    I agree. First 2 shots look fine with textures, but not so much with #3. The variable is the face. The way he’s looking at the camera just grabs the viewer! Crystal sharp eyes; proud expression. Somehow, the texture distracts from that. Looks beautiful just the way it is, Amazing work Annie!

  3. I concur! Applying textures often changes the tint on a photo, and in some cases, the tint would add a cool effect, along with the texture. In the 3rd photo, the original colors are vivid and the subject’s eyes are piercing and direct, and a tint/texture isn’t necessary. A good texture application is when it enhances the photo rather than take away from it. It is fun to experiment though!