The Perfect Day

Unbelievable.  Is it really November?  It was in the mid-60s and sunny early in the morning.

Unbelievable.  Are we really in San Francisco?  There was no fog and the skyline was clear.

It was the perfect day for a photoshoot!

One Sweet Couple

Anthony and Elaine are one of the sweetest couples I’ve met.  They are naturally sweet with one another, but the best part (to me) is that they can joke about each other and laugh about it!

I enjoyed spending time with them and their 5 1/2 year old son.

From their first photoshoot last year, I knew I’d like them… since they had great taste in child-naming.  😉  (Their son’s name is Ian!)



Glare and Flare Are Friends

I love both these images.  My mood shots.

DSC_2428bg DSC_3555bg

Family of Four…

…if you count Froggy!  🙂


Who Hates The Camera?

My very first blog ever was about this cutie pie with dimples, Ian, who Elaine warned me about prior to our photoshoot together.  She said Ian would run from the camera, so she wanted to prepare me.

Instead, Ian warmed up quickly, played and smiled, and even looked straight at the camera.  Today was no different.

I think the key is to make kids (and adults) feel safe and let them be themselves.  I look at a photo session as a time for people to enjoy life together, and I am capturing those moments.  Once in awhile, if I see an opportunity, I will ask everyone to look up, though not necessarily straight at me (like you see in this shot below).  But overall, it is just a fun, relaxed time together.

(Click here to see photos of Ian in November 2008. And their family blog from November 2008.)



Hands of Love & Family Feet

DSC_3216bg DSC_3270bg

Froggy Wants To Play

Froggy got to play at the beach too.  I’m not kidding.  He came out and played with the C. Family!


Watch Out!

These swells were huge!  One time, Elaine and Anthony got drenched accidentally…

The moment the 15-foot wave crashed onto shore, I lifted my cameras above my head and ran!

When I turned around, I saw Elaine approaching me with her face and hair wet!  Anthony’s entire back and pants were soaked.  Thankfully, Ian was riding on dad’s shoulders at that time.

DSC_3120bg DSC_2802bg

(FYI to Photographers:  I applied an antique wash on these two images above because I like how they look timeless without losing its color as they would if they were BxW images.)

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  1. Elaine

    Annie, these are amazing!! You really captured how much fun we had today. For a family who are all a bit camera-phobic (yup, that’s where Ian got it from), we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I am still in shock that Ian actually looked into your camera and smiled when you asked him to. And even MORE in shock that it was a genuine smile and not a grimace!! You are THE best.

  2. Yvonne

    Great smiles! Great Photos! I love them all.

  3. Michele

    Annie, I love these photos of the Chiu’s, particulaly the mood shots and the antique-looking ones. You are like SF’s little gem. Please let me know if you’re ever in LA, or we’ll just have to come up once a year to get our family shots!

  4. Michele, you’ll have to come up for annual family shoots! You guys love it here anyway. (I rarely visit LA anymore, and when I do, it’s for a very very short trip!) I’d love to see you guys again and capture images of your beautiful family!