Models in the Making

Being a successful child model takes more than just being attractive.  It takes a certain personality and demeanor and love of the camera.

Both Callie (3 years old) and Ian (8 months old) could definitely be models!

Gorgeous Smiles

Ian and Callie were sooooo smiley.  As a photographer, I was in Heaven!

DSC_8426bg DSC_8448bg

Blue Polkadots

This has gotta be one of my favorite photos from this photoshoot!

Ian has these incredibly blue, perfectly round eyes, so when he laid down on his blue polkadot blanket, I knew exactly how I wanted to capture this shot!


Back Side & Back Light

DSC_8088bg DSC_6042bg


I like playing with perspectives with my Lifestyle Photography of children and families.  Otherwise, photos will look redundant and plain.





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  1. Annie – these are great! We love the picture of Ian on the polka dots – it made us laugh. And I don’t think we could pick a favorite of Callie (maybe the one where she is looking up tho). It amazes me how “at home” she is in front of a camera, always playing it up. We can’t wait to see more! Nice work – and thank you.

  2. Yea, the polkadot photo is funny, yet artistic… I love that one. I think it’d make a great greeting card cover or a large canvas wrap!

  3. amy nguyen (san carlos)

    omg! LOVE the shots, esp the one of ian’s eyes (could they be more beautiful?!?) and the b/w of callie! all shots are absolutely gorgeous, tho!!