Urban Mama has her Baby

Urban Mama

I met this urban mama when she was pregnant (and literally about to have the baby any day)!

(Click here to see photos from her June 2009 photoshoot!)

Five months later, Lili has a new house and three beautiful boys (Sam, 2, Benji, 5 mos, and her hubby Eddie)!  It was fantastic to see them again.


Now A Family of FOUR!


Casual Family Time


I was taking naked baby shots of Ben when Sam wanted to copy his baby brother.  It wasn’t worth the fight, so we let Sam be naked too!  🙂


Redefining the “Formal Family Portrait”

When you have an independent 2-year old, you can’t force him to take a formal family shot.  Two-year olds don’t care if you want a photo for your holiday cards or that this family portrait means a lot to you.  It’s all about having fun and doing what you want to do…

So I advised Lili and Eddie to not force Sam to sit with them if he didn’t want to.


The result:  a beautiful natural shot that shows the kids’ personalities!


Is It Dinner-time?  Because I See Some Rolls!

Benji had delicious rolls and rolls of chubbalubalub!



Greyish-Blue Lookers

Benji’s eyes were mesmerizing to look at…..


One of my favorite baby shots ever…


Tenderness & Intimacy

This is my favorite mom and babies shot from today.  The fact that both boys are naked makes this image more raw and intimate.


The Sam Show

This little toddler cutie was playing by the window, so what a grand opportunity for me to shoot just him!


I played trucks with him, which made him VERY happy!  And it made him sit still!


I love this entire series of Sam shots.  So you must see them all!

DSC_4662bg DSC_5909bg

DSC_5912bg DSC_4669bg

I hope to see the S. Family in 2010 when Benji can crawl or walk, and Sam and Ben can interact with each other more!

Oops… One More!

I almost forgot to add this one.  I love this one too, and this super contrast-y BxW is delicious!


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  1. OMG! We love them all!!!
    The family shots with Sam sitting away from us are the best. They totally describe how things work around here.

    The photos of Benji are delicious, but then again he is one chunky baby. I wanna see more of him!!!

    I also love the shots in front of the house. I didn’t even realize you were shooting.

    Now I must decide which one to use for our holiday card. Help!!!!

    You are amazing! Thank you so so so much!

  2. Loved these shots – the color ones especially! Beautiful family — congratulations on your latest addition!