Quarter Century Shoot

These 8 women have been friends for a long time — some since childhood.

This year, they all turn the ripe old age of 25.  Hee hee, okay, not so “ripe” or so “old”!  But this age marks a significant time in their lives…

They are independent adults who are not married and without children.  In a few years, this will all change and their conversations will go from how hard they partied in Vegas to what kind of formula works best for babies who spit up!

Happy Birthday to Angie, Annissa, Jennifer, Kim, Maggie, Monica, Susan and Wei Li!


The Divas


Oh My!

Susan got engaged a month ago!  Her fiance didn’t get the memo that she was suppose to stay single until after the photoshoot.  😉


Hiking in the Oakland Hills

We hiked to our next location in the 90s heat.  Yowsa, it was hot!

At the end of the shoot, my shirt and pants were stuck on me like they were painted on and my skin was gritty from the dirt and sweat combo.  Anyone want a hug?!!  😉


An Urban Hangout in the Woods


Cover Shot

They wanted to do a Vanity Fair-inspired shot.

We took one in front of a cascading waterfall while everyone was completely decked out in gorgeous diva attire, but this one in denim and white tops on the side of an old rustic cabin is my favorite!

The nice even lighting sure beat the harsh sun at the cascades.  I love how their skin and white tops “pop” in this woodsy backdrop!


The Difference the Light Makes

This is the same lovely woman, but taken about 30 minutes apart.

Left:  Taken around 5:15pm, the light is soft and even, so there are no shadows on her face.  I had her look up, so you see the natural catchlight in her eyes.

Right:  Taken around 5:45pm, it was the golden hour (in the woods anyway) and the sunset streamed in through the trees.  I strategically sat each woman on a little stump and used the sunset as hair light.  I then used a reflector on their faces, but lightened their faces to the side.  (The catchlight you see in her eyes is from the reflector.)

Which one do you like better?

DSC_9106bg DSC_9301bg

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  1. Annissa

    Ooh these look cool! I really like the comparison photos of Jenn. Both lighting is really pretty! The picture of us walking in a line looks like a dream 😀 Thanks again Annie, I had a lot of fun!

  2. This is a great sample of your range Annie… I’m so excited to see the rest! I love the impromptu Vanity Fair scene. Thanks again for making this such a fun experience.

  3. Monica

    They look great Annie! Thanks so much! I agree with Annissa, both photos look great; this catchlight you speak of looks amazing.Now to count down the moments for the full viewing…

  4. Angie

    Wow! You are amazing and so gifted. I love how you were able to capture our emotions, goofiness and laughter in these photos. I agree, these photos will definitely mark the old, the new and the future in our lives. Thanks for the wonderful experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  5. Maggie

    I can only ditto the comments that have already been made. These are pretty stunning. Thanks for all your energy and encouragement during and after the shoot. You definitely helped us look our best!! =)

  6. Jenn

    Amazing what you can do with lighting Annie! And ditto on what Maggie said for emphasis, your energy and encouragement really helped us project our best selves, which wasn’t easy in that 90 degree heat! I’m looking forward to see the rest. Thanks again!

  7. Susan

    Thank you Annie! These pictures look great and it was definitely a fun experience I won’t ever forget!

  8. WeiLi Gao

    Annie, you’re such a wonderful, fun and talented photographer! Your energy made this experience that much more memorable, thank you. The ones above turned out great! Can’t wait to see rest!