This Week’s Inspiration: Feet

Whether your creative outlet is painting murals, writing novels, singing ballads, citing poetry, sketching still-life, or dancing on your dining table, we all need some inspiration from time to time.

This past week, while on vacation at the coast, my husband took our older kids for a swim.  I had planned on taking baby Ava to meet them, but I got caught up taking photographs of her instead.  Big surprise, I know! 😉

Ava is as cute as a button.  Well, cuter!  But taking straight shots of her in a sterile hotel room was a little shy of a big yawn!  So I changed my shooting perspective by rotating my body all around her.  And voila!  I found my inspiration….

Baby Feet



They are just feet, but the way they interact with each other tells a story.


And sometimes they form a pretty shape.

It’s like laying on the grass and seeing recognizable shapes in the clouds.  Art is everywhere; you just need to look for it.




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