Charlie & Dan-Dan

Aren’t nicknames great?  I’ve always enjoyed giving nicknames to all my friends and family.  Let’s see… here are a few nicknames of people I know:  Animal, Mamacita, Twin, Mookie, Yo Yo, Moo Moo and Monkey.

Let’s get to it.  Here is a sneak peek from today’s photoshoot… (Again, I’ll skip the text because I’m still not feeling well from last Saturday’s injury.)

Sleep Envy

I wish my kids slept like that!


“Dan Dan”

DSC_4653bg DSC_4658bg

Baby Sumo   :)


Roberta & Alex

DSC_3104bg DSC_3152bg

Favorite Family Photo

Well, one of my favorites!


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  1. Roberta

    love that you actually got a picture of Dan-Dan smiling! and the trees behind us in the park look especially majestic