I learn a lot from client photoshoots, and sometimes it’s not about photography.  It’s about life.

Today’s family photoshoot was of a dear client of mine, the F family.  They have been with me since I first started my biz.  I love playing with the kids, whom I’ve watched grow!  And I still did some of that today… I can’t help it!

But when I was a quiet observer, I watched how they spoke to each other with a soft tone and how they were always focused on each other.  It was beautiful to see.

Today, I was reminded how life can be simple.  Focus on LoveRespectFamily.

Simplicity:  Family

Exploring and playing in the woods.


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Simplicity:  A Mother’s Love


Simplicity:  Security


Simplicity:  Games

No computers, no electronic games, nothing fancy.  Just good ol’ jump rope games and playing on the play structure!



Nina could climb up poles!  I told her that her hands must be webbed and asked if she were Spider Girl!  🙂



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  1. These pictures are so amazing! You captured the special light and all the beautiful shades of green so well. And we had so much fun at the photoshoot we just didn’t want to leave. Thanks!!!