On Vacation

Did you miss me?!!  I was on vacation with my family!

I missed blogging, doing client shoots, and my pillow.  🙂

While I am glad to be back and will miss Hawaii, I wanted to share a few photos from my trip.  Enjoy!

View of a sunset from our backyard…


At the beach club…

BigIsland_beach_bg BigIsland_palm-tree-reflection2_bg

My niece goofing around with me…


Playing on the golf course…

BigIsland_baby-walking_bg BigIsland_golf-course_bg

My nephew playing — uh, I mean bathing — in the outdoor tub…


Beautiful skies, palm trees everywhere…


My sister-in-law made cranberry drop scones…



My kids are my most challenging subjects to photograph!  Here they are with their grandpop…


The funniest editorial shot from my trip:  grandpa feeding Ava a bite of his special birthday dessert while my nephew Luke steals a bite from the other side!


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  1. Such lovely pictures of Hawaii! I was there a couple years ago, and I miss it. Your family is beautiful. I love the outdoor tub and the dessert shot.

  2. All so beautiful Annie. Looks like the family had a great time in Hawaii. Welcome back! Yes, you were missed!