The Urban Life of a 7 mos old

This morning’s lifestyle baby photography session was of the beeeeeaaaauuuuutiful Lilah whom I had last seen when she was just a few days old!   [Click here to see some of her newborn photos.]

Like all 7 month old urban babies, Lilah packed her morning full of activities.  Lilah began her morning with milk and giggles, and then it was off to do some baby modeling…

A Diva Outfit

After a little creative redecorating at the K’s home, Lilah had some solo shots in her diva outfit:  her birthday suit and a hairclip!  🙂

I wanted a shot of her little baby bum and thought this perspective would be more interesting!

It highlights the contrasting textures of her soft skin with the rough carpet.

Lilah’s furry brother, Ramsey, liked to check on her once in awhile.  He is such a good big brother!

Musical Talents

Then she played a little riff on the piano with her dad.

Then there was some play time before heading out…

Flying, Blowing and Kissing

I love the light and the natural expressions of the K family playing together in this shot.

[Photography Tip:  This photo is also a great example of how coordinating outfits can tie the image together.  They have just the right amount of coordination of pinks, browns and beige…even down to the wall and furniture.  Because of this, the photo acts similar to a monochromatic image where you focus on the expressions because the colors aren’t distracting.]


The beauty of simple discoveries — like how a flower looks when the wind blows and the feel of your father’s face — are precious.



Around the Neighborhood

The sun disappeared just before we headed out and I am so thankful for that, otherwise this sweet family shot would’ve been drenched in harsh shadows.

I love this family photo because everyone looks happy and, heck, the colors are just so darn pretty. 

After this action-packed morning, Lilah was ready for her nap, which, by the way, did NOT involve rocking, soothing, feeding, reading, white noise machines, singing or anything.  We arrived back at the house and they just put her in her crib.  Done.

My jaw was on the floor.  Can Lilah be any more amazing?!!

Lilah is on my Baby’s First Year plan, so I get the pleasure of seeing her and her charming parents again in a few months.  I can’t wait!

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  1. Tracy Schlereth

    Annie, these pictures are fantastic! Big girl Lilah is BEAUTIFUL! You did a wonderful job capturing the love of this family. So much that I want to buy these photographs, and I don’t even know the people in them!

    Just awesome!
    Tracy S.

    • Tracy, that is so touching. Reading your comment made my Monday morning THAT much better! Thank you!!

  2. Annie, I love these photos, thank you for sharing them and the helpful tips! I love your style.

    • Thanks for reading my blog, Moira. I’m glad you enjoy the tips. If there are any specific questions that you have, feel free to post them on my FB wall, and I’ll do my best to answer them! Or you can email me directly (, if you prefer to be anonymous, and I can share it (without your name) on FB. I firmly believe that if one person has a question, there are others who have the exact same question, so I like sharing the Q & As!

      Have a great week, Moira!