By The Window

I met the K Family this morning to celebrate Baby A’s 1st birthday with a Lifestyle Shoot that captured his personality and life stage.

Baby A was so calm and happy.  He laughed OUT LOUD so easily, which made me laugh too.  He was also incredibly social and even showed me his toys when I was getting set up.  What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

By The Window

Gurgling and Laughing

Big Laughs

…and laughs and laughs!

Rectangles and Moody Shadows


Let There Be Light

It has been bone-chilling cold the past couple weeks, yet the sun came out to greet us and even gave us mild temps.

She must have gotten my memo that I was having a photoshoot!  🙂

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  1. vella Kawakami

    Lovely pictures

  2. Russell

    I’m really loving the work and am a new/aspiring photographer pushing myself towards portraits/family portrait work as I find it emotionally fascinating.
    I just wanted to ask, when taking shots where an umbrella / external flash set up is not possible, would you use a diffuser / soft box?
    I ask this in reference to the baby-shot leaning out of the cot. Was this natural light?

    • Hi Russell,

      All of these photos were taken with natural light. When photographing babies and young children, I avoid using flash and other lighting set up because I don’t have enough mobility with lighting sets and flash intimidates babies. Since my style of photography is more natural, I try to engage my subjects while not taking away from what they are doing, so shooting with natural light is what I found does that.

      I do, however, bring a reflector, which is a miracle worker in tight spaces and low light. Plus, it doesn’t bother babies, like flash does. In fact, most babies find it fascinating, so they like looking at it. An added benefit! 🙂

      Have a nice weekend,