The Perfectly Imperfect Art

As the year closes out, I had the pleasure of having a truly urban shoot with The S Family in San Francisco last Sunday.  (I say “truly urban” because some neighborhoods in SF are pristine and manicured.)

Urban shoots are like a mix of Lifestyle Portraiture and Street Photography.  I find it to be a fun challenge in that I need to find beauty in the gritty streets.  There is graffiti, litter, unswept sidewalks, residentially-challenged people sleeping on the ground, and a multitude of pigeons.

You really have to embrace this kind of environment and have an adventurous spirit to want to have a shoot here.  And you need to be the kind of photographer who welcomes what I call “the perfectly imperfect” art to enjoy this kind of shoot.  (Me me me!)

What makes my heart race from excitement is shooting in this kind of environment with people who are game for anything, can take a little bit of direction and make it their own, and have the kind of attitude that makes even walking a lot of fun!

Little Circles

Rock On

Elaine and Tim


Petting the Dogs

The vivid mural makes it hard to spot Isabella and Sophia.

Happy Dance


Furry Giggles

Little Sophia was so giggly and wore a furry vest that made her irresistible to hug during the shoot.  Hugging her was NOT an option!   🙂

City Life


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  1. OMG Annie…I LOVE, LOVE your photos! You have such a great eye for capturing the girls’ personalities on film. We had such a lovely time working with you. I can’t wait to see the gallery! Cheers!