New Guinea, France and an African Savanna

Photographing The C Family made me realize a couple things:

1. How completely amazing it is to see Dani and Charlie over the past few years because not only have I watched them grow physically, but also watched their relationship with me grow!

It made a huge difference in the kids feeling relaxed the minute the shoot began.  I could tell they didn’t hold back AT ALL.  Dresses were flying and big smiling faces were so close to me that my camera couldn’t always focus!

2. I wish I had a sister growing up!

When Dani and Charlie are near each other, they have to make contact and interact — like holding hands, whispering in ears and hugging.  Sometimes their hugs looked like WWE Women’s Wrestling moves, but still.  😉  Their relationship is the epitome of Sisterhood.

This Lifestyle Family Photography session was full of adventure…

Alex, Roberta and their darling girls stopped by New Guinea to see artwork, set up a French dessert shop near a pond reminiscent of Claude Monet, and then went trekking in an African savanna.  (That’s what it looked like at least!)

San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Peninsula-lifestyle-children-photography-sisters-whispering-to-each-other  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Peninsula-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-hugging-totem-pole










San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Peninsula-lifestyle-children-photography-girl-walking-away-with-candy-and-crooked-glasses-BxW  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Peninsula-lifestyle-family-photography-father-carrying-daughter-upside-down-over-shoulders



San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Peninsula-lifestyle-family-photography-dad-walking-with-daughter-on-shoulders-in-haze  San-Francisco-Bay-Area-Peninsula-lifestyle-children-photography-sisters-holding-hands-and-walking-into-the-savannah


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  1. Roberta

    Love the smiles! These photos definitely capture the spirit of our session and the girls. That shot of Charlie with the sunglasses…looks like she’s coming back from a fun night out 😉 Thank you so much for all your patience, humor, and creativity – you always get the shots I wish I could have!

    • We can already get a glimpse of Charlie when she is in College, Roberta! hahaha..just kidding.

      Your shoot was so much fun. And I’m so glad you, Alex and the girls were so trusting of me and my ideas about location because I think it turned out beautifully. I also really love how Charlie and Dani are so comfortable with me…more and more each year. Part of it is from them just growing older, I’m sure, but part of it is from being more familiar with me. It is incredible to watch them grow.

      I am already looking forward to next year! 🙂