The Travel Shoot

Since their Dream Shoot, Brenda and Benny wanted to change things up this year.  No more cold morning shoots!  So they were thinking the late afternoon, during the “golden hour”, and to try a Styled Shoot.  But what theme?

The F Family travel a lot.  And I mean A LOT!  It feels like every month, but I don’t know exactly.  All I know is that I have to plan far ahead if I want to see them because they may be in Europe or Asia or one of the islands of Hawaii or some other area around the globe.  With Benny in the airline industry, that’s how they roll!  Lucky, right?!!

Whoops, I digress. 

So travel was a glaringly obvious theme that clearly represents what they do together as a family.  However, The F Family had a couple major life events just before their shoot — like buying a new house — so having a styled shoot almost didn’t happen.  After a few encouraging texts (hee hee), Brenda started gathering a few travel-related items, and the props came together just in-time!

The globe is from Brenda’s workplace, the vintage suitcase belongs to a friend, the map is of their new hometown, travel books are of places they’ve been or want to go, their passports, candy and snacks are from Japan where they just visited, and even the paper lanterns have significance.  They are from Brenda’s first race with her older daughters, Brianna and Bailey!  They played a food game too, which was to represent Brenda’s profession as a Food Scientist.  Oh, how I love Styled Shoots and this family!

[Fun fact:  Brenda is one of my best friends for over 20 years, so this isn’t just any Styled Shoot, but a Styled Shoot of one of my besties and her family!]

Scroll down to take a walk into the Redwood Forest with The F Family…

East-Bay-styled-photography-travel-theme-set-up  East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-holding-hat-and-suitcase-in-forest



East-Bay-styled-photography-mom-and-daughter-with-suitcase-in-woods  East-Bay-styled-family-photography-father-looking-at-maps-with-his-daughters



East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-holding-grass-in-redwood-forest  East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-holding-grass


East-Bay-styled-photography-inside-travel-suitcase  East-Bay-styled-photography-man-standing-in-forest


East-Bay-styled-children-photography-smiley-young-girl-in-green-dress  East-Bay-styled-children-photography-girl-soaring-in-the-sky


East-Bay-styled-children-photography-girl-holding-special-Japanese-candy  East-Bay-styled-children-photography-three-sisters-sitting-on-blanket-with-eyes-closed-for-game











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  1. Andrew Turner

    Great shoot. Lovely family. Poor guy with all those girls. I was wondering where that gold light was coming from. Especially those last couple of the girl with the hat.

    • Hi Andrew!

      The gold light was bounced light from the ground. They are brownish-yellow things that dropped from the trees and the light brown dirt! The best reflectors are from our surroundings!

      If you look at some of the other shots, you can see that the light was actually pretty bright for part of the shoot, so there was a lot of bounced light. Thanks for your question.


  2. Brenda

    Oh Annie, you’ve outdone yourself again! I’m blown away by these photos and touched by the story you told and of our deep friendship! I’ve loved all our past shoots with you, with each new one becoming my favorite. This one is no different and has become my favorite photo shoot to date! And saying this now after only seeing this blog sneak peek and not the gallery yet says A LOT! I ask, how is this possible?! I have too many favorites already from this batch of photos, that I’ve lost count already! It was the perfect location, the perfect day/weather, we had the perfect props and most importantly the perfect photographer who is amazingly gifted and talented and made us all feel so comfortable being photographed! We love you! Thank you for everything!

    • Brenda, Brenda, Brenda… it is always MY pleasure to see your family and hang out with you! It is a “bonus” that I get to photograph everyone at the same time. 🙂 I don’t know what else to say without getting teary-eyed, so I will leave it at that. I love you guys too!!!

  3. Beautiful family, beautiful work.

    • Thanks so much, Diane, for your comment about my photos. And you are right, the family is beautiful indeed! 🙂

  4. Absolutely gorgeous work for a beautiful family Annie! Every time I view your work, especially knowing the families, I am always in awe with your talent that captures and enhances not only the clients, but the beauty around them. Bravo!!! One of these days, we have to have to get ourselves to the Bay Area for you to photograph our family so we too can experience your magic.

    • Hi Liza! It’s so nice to “see” you on my blogsite! 🙂 Thank you for your thoughtful comments!!! I hope you and your family are doing well.

  5. Brenda

    Thank you everyone for the sweet comments on our family! Annie, what is really incredible too is how little equipment you require on photo shoots to capture beautiful and special moments. No special reflectors, no fancy flash gears, no assistants… it’s just you and your cameras! You gifted eye for photography coupled with how well you connect with your subjects and put them at ease is what produces photos that are so special and powerful they take your breath away, elicit feelings and draw you into the moment. Simply amazing! Liza, I hope you and your family will visit the Bay Area soon. We’d love to see you all!

    • It’s interesting you pointed out the gear and no assistant detail, Brenda, because I think being able to shoot uninhibited by accessories and equipment is part of how I am able to allow my subjects to get into a place of calm and relaxation, so they can be themselves. If subjects are uncomfortable for any reason (e.g., flash, large lighting equipment, multiple photographers), then they will be stiff and their expressions will show this.

      Thus, after so many years of being in business, I have not changed how I shoot, even when photographers have offered to second shoot or be my assistant, I have kindly refused because I think it would alter the flow of my sessions.

      Thank you so much for all your kind words and more importantly, for your incredible friendship. xoxo

  6. Thaomy & Paolo

    WOW! Brenda and family look breathtaking! The props, the lantern colors, the outfits, the glowy lighting…everything is perfection! Another job well done Annie! Love your work!

  7. Annie – You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and passion for photography. You have such great intuition, every picture turned out wonderfully! The kids fell instantly in love with their “Auntie Annie” who was super FUN to be around. Your vision is a perfect mix of beauty shots and photo journalism. Our photos are gorgeous and stylish and we have received countless compliments.

    We couldn’t have been more pleased and if we could give ten stars and a box of rainbows it still wouldn’t be enough.

    • A box of RAINBOWS?!! Yes please! 🙂

      Benny, you are too too sweet. Thank you so much for everything… your support of me/my business over the years, your ability to crack me up at ANY time, your willingness to do whatever Brenda and I wanted during the shoot (heehee), and your friendship.

      It was absolutely MY pleasure to see and photograph you and your beautiful family. I am the most fortunate person in the World! Thank you for providing me with so much creative inspiration, and all of that stems from the heart.