The Travel Shoot

Since their Dream Shoot, Brenda and Benny wanted to change things up this year.  No more cold morning shoots!  So they were thinking the late afternoon, during the “golden hour”, and to try a Styled Shoot.  But what theme?

The F Family travel a lot.  And I mean A LOT!  It feels like every month, but I don’t know exactly.  All I know is that I have to plan far ahead if I want to see them because they may be in Europe or Asia or one of the islands of Hawaii or some other area around the globe.  With Benny in the airline industry, that’s how they roll!  Lucky, right?!!

Whoops, I digress. 

So travel was a glaringly obvious theme that clearly represents what they do together as a family.  However, The F Family had a couple major life events just before their shoot — like buying a new house — so having a styled shoot almost didn’t happen.  After a few encouraging texts (hee hee), Brenda started gathering a few travel-related items, and the props came together just in-time!

The globe is from Brenda’s workplace, the vintage suitcase belongs to a friend, the map is of their new hometown, travel books are of places they’ve been or want to go, their passports, candy and snacks are from Japan where they just visited, and even the paper lanterns have significance.  They are from Brenda’s first race with her older daughters, Brianna and Bailey!  They played a food game too, which was to represent Brenda’s profession as a Food Scientist.  Oh, how I love Styled Shoots and this family!

[Fun fact:  Brenda is one of my best friends for over 20 years, so this isn’t just any Styled Shoot, but a Styled Shoot of one of my besties and her family!]

Scroll down to take a walk into the Redwood Forest with The F Family…

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